Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st And The Maypole !!!

May 1st.

I love the above picture!!

While I was hunting on the big wide world web for a maypole picture.. I came across a lot of different Maypole Dance pictures.

There were old ones like this one that I love. Look at the tall hedges and the clothes.

This next one reminds of my days in school with the Maypole. Yes, Elementary School. The years were 1970 -1976.

We had a Maypole. The kids that did the dancing and entwining of the ribbons all dressed in white and we had colored ribbons.

More like this pictures below:

Now I will tell you I did find some pictures of Maypole Dancing that I can not post here. Some were half nude dancing on the beach around a pole.

Some were all nude dancing in the woods around a pole... Isn't that called Pole dancing, or is that only if you are nude in a strip club or in your own home if you have a pole? lol Didn't want to see all that... lol

Well Happy May Day !!! Grab you a pole and give it a try !!!

PS, I did do a little stitching today... Very Little :)

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Sherri said...

Love the maypole pictures! I remember a maypole from elementary school. Back then I thought it was stupid, but now it sounds like fun. Maybe the dancing on the beach is the ticket ;)