Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Have I Been And Some Stitching !

I have been lurking around the blogs reading every one's blogs and not keeping up with mine. Why, you ask? I have been in a slump... No stitching, nothing exciting here in Alabama going on. I am just peeling the layers on sunburn skin off. Yes, I know... I am to old and smart to get burned in the sun, but I did. It has been a week now of peeling. I am keeping lotion on my shoulders.. Brings back childhood memories... You know... Before sunscreen was invented. And Pleaseee... don't let me smell vinegar ! Mom used to rub my back with vinegar and put me in front of a fan. Stink for days !!!! Thank You, the person who invented sunscreen !!

I am home for awhile now. I hope to get back into blogging. I did clean out the craft room today. That way I can get some of those stitched projects finished up and put them on display around the house. Here is a picture of the work desk.

See my new box on the left. I put all my ready to get started projects in it. I bought some old oil cans down in Orange Beach at an antique shop. I have charts to make pin keeps to attach to the top.

I did pull out these 2 things to work on:

The Candy Pillow is a Valentine design that was done in a Round Robin group that was stitched years old. ( maybe 11 years ago) Has it been that long??? lol Now... the Cow Needlepoint is a favorite that I have started and now need to complete... I know mom... Right along with the 20 something Afghan... lol I have that pulled out to work on too. That is all I have to show for now..
Fix'n to start some supper on the grill !!! Pork Chops...

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