Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hooty Hoo.....

This is my current stitching. I am still stitching on this owl.... I am going to get him finished today and made into a scissor fob. Get this... I have lost my Owl Scissors.. Wouldn't know it... LOL They have been here with this stitching for about a month. I look for them last night... No scissors.. They have got to be here somewhere... They are the same scissors I lost in the recliner back in August of 2009. We moved in October and they were still in the recliner. I finally turned the recliner upside down and removed lining and bang recliner up and down... and... Wal La... Scissors appear !!! LOL

I am also going for the Booby Smashing Test today. Please wish me luck or at least pray that I am OK... Every time I go to the doctor lately, something is wrong.. My Cholesterol was high last week... Now, I am on Zorcor. Pill Box can't hold any more Meds. Is this a sign, I am getting Old???? At this rate... Only thing left is my mental sanity... Is it OK??? LOL The good part is hubby and I am having to eat right. I went to the grocery store bought Low Fat or No Fat Foods, which was Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, and a lot of Fruits... Now... the problems is Hubby is a meat and potato eater.. When I say potato... I mean that potatoes and corn is the only Veggies he will eat.

I didn't buy the Reese Cups, snack cakes, or other Junk food he eats... When what he has is gone... That is it. I told him last night... We have Blackberries, Strawberries, Bananas and Apples to eat... You should have seen the look I got. LOL

I did send him off today with a Smoked Chicken on Wheat Bread sandwich with tomatoes and Lettuce. Tonight is Steak and Chicken Kabobs with pineapple and bell peppers. I can't Wait !!!

Till later !!!


Hazel said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog. Your hootie hoo owl looks very sweet. x

Sharlotte said...

It's really hard to change the diet. Kudos to you for trying. My sister just got her cholestrol checked not long ago and it was really really high. She decided to go vegan , I am not suggesting you do this. However in reading some of the literture and cookbooks she has, I can see that eating this way about twice a week will at least help with cholestrol reduction. I'm considering trying to eat that way a couple or three times a week myself. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your test comes out ok today. I get nervous every month when I do my self check.

Natasha said...

Cute WIP. I hope you fins your scissors.

Good luck! My DH Is a meat and potatoe eater also Last night I made Chicken fried steak* not healthy* Mashed potato and corn DH's replie was awww good my two favortie vegtables LOL

Hope all was well at the Doctors

Take Care

Michelle May said...

Wishing your test results are good!
What is it with men and meat and potatoes!!! Geez! hee,hee,hee.