Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Hacking And It Isn't On A Computer Site !

Well, I am still sick. Been sick for 1 week now. I give up.... I may have to go see the doctor. They did call in prescription on Wed. I have hacked & coughed so much, my neck and shoulders are hurting. I also may need Depends in the future. LOL I thought maybe just a cold... But really ... Coughed for a whole week. Now I have a fever and headache. Hope not the flu... I was around everyone at Thanksgiving. DH is starting to come down with it to.. This is how we had the flu last winter.. Me first, then him.. I have been bidding on baby girl Zoe some Holiday wear on Ebay.. Just won a cute snowman dress. Pink with polka dots with a appliqued snowman on the front. She is growing like a weed. Joshua got him a outside Mickey Mouse Blow up Christmas Thingie.. don't know what it is called... LOL His daddy and him got it all fixed up in the front yard this morning. He was all excited, and telling me, all about it earlier. I have to go over and see it at night. He calls it Blow Up Mickey... LOL I Love me some grand babies!!!
I have not stitched much since I am still moving stuff. Unloaded about the 8th trip in the Tahoe just awhile ago.. I was up all night.. I have my bed... It is just in a different location... LOL Can't sleep... I played solitaire from about 3:00 am to 6:00 on the laptop this morning. Went to sleep at 7:00 ... Woke up at 10:30.. I am tired.
Tomorrow I will be trying to clean out sun porch and get it ready for the Christmas tree. Not any room in the living area.. Mom's house is looking festive when we went by there earlier. She had wreaths on the windows and greens on the banisters, on the front porch and down her steps at the road. No will ever see my place so, I don't decorate outside. I did when Raeanne was little. I just thought.... WOW... I do have a cedar tree about 7 feet tall in the front yard.. I can put lights on it. Joshua would like that.. I will hint to him to ask Poppa about getting him some lights for OUR tree.. That way poppa will have to do the light display and exterior lumination. Sounds like a plan.... That can be our this coming weekend project... Besides all the other stuff not finished around here. LOL Ya'll have a good nite !!!

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Glenna said...

Bummer that you didn't get to stitch over the holiday. And even bigger bummer that you're sick (and it's even worse when you can't be sick by yourself--having a second sickie in the house is a pain--LOL). Hope you feel better soon--your moving stories make me feel tired for you--I can only imagine how tired you must be!