Sunday, November 1, 2009

NEW Cross Stitch !!!!

I have received new stitching to stitch !!! whooo whoooo !!! Now where do I begin.... I guess with this chart and floss for Shakespeare's Peddler.

Chart is Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler. Designer Teresa, had the bag of Gentle Art Thread to go with it. Colors have great names like : Zombie Flesh, Dried Blood,Parched Bones, Coffin Lid, and others. She also has a Pin Tuffet chart to go with this design. I got it also. I am going to stitch this on Champagne Cocktail 40 count by Enchanted Fabrics.

This chart is from The Primitive Needle. Called Tombstone Spots. I have some of the sampler threads and some are on their way to me. This chart called for 40 Count Heritage from PIP. I chose 36 Count Legacy. Like how the linen has a blend of Gray & Greenish color in it. I love old tombstones. I may do all these I purchased and put in the bedroom.

Sorry picture is blurry. Another Primitive Needle Design. Crescent Angel. It also called for Heritage Linen for PIP. I chose 40 count Earthen from PIP. I am waiting on the Color Mountain Mist to arrive to start stitching.

This chart is from Carriage House Samplings. Called The Curse Of The Raven. I have order all threads and cannot find the 40 Count Camofudge linen anywhere... If anyone can help me locate? I tried my On-line shop and she said , can order ( from Austr.) but does not know how long it will take to get to her. Please let me know if you have a America source. Thanks.

This chart is from The Goode Huswife. Called Raven's Roost. See what I mean about all these tombstone charts. I will have to stitch them all.

There is not that much Christmas Charts out there. I did order 2 older ones.

Only 2 Christmas Charts. I had been looking for the M Design - Christmas Catastrophe for a while now. I also am looking the the Halloween one too. I will make pillows out of this one. The other chart is a Carriage House Samplings - 1999 Christmas Sampler.

I also purchased the Book ( pages with punched holes for you to put in a notebook) The Flat-Fold and Friends Pages. Gives directions for : Stand-ups, Boxes, Heavy Weights, Ornaments, and flat-folds. I already have it in a Binder. Maybe I can find time to finish all these projects.

Have a great November 1st!!!


Glenna said...

What a great load of stash! I agree with you about the Christmas designs--there doesn't seem to be as great a selection this year. I love the Carriage House older Christmas design that you chose--I'm going to have to order that. And of course, I love the Primitive Needle designs you chose and the Shakespeare's Pddler AND the Goode Huswife--I'd like to stitch every one of them! You've got your stitchy plate full!

Sherri said...

What great stash!! You're going to have so much fun stitching all these. I love the tombstone patterns.

Ranae said...

Woohoo! love the stash! I love the Tombstone patterns too.
Your right about there not being much out for there for Christmas patterns.
Happy Stitching!!

dixiesamplar said...

Love the stash...especially the Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler! I have been on the fence about that one...guess I'm gonna just have to give in and buy it!

Hope the extreme mobile-home makeover is still going/going well!! Until later...