Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Carpet !!!

We have carpet... But only in one room. The bedroom. DH and I put tack strips down and the padding on Sunday. Went back in one Monday night and laid the carpet. Now the problem... I Can't Move !!! help.... Shoulders, neck and back, they hurt so bad. Plus, I am not feeling good, sinus problems. So all yesterday I laid in the bed. I know, I Know. You are to move around to get the soreness out.. Can't Move.... Too tired and I also had an anxiety attack... I am feeling better today. Have to go to the big city of Columbiana and pay our property tax... Now that is a bummer.
I am getting yard sale stuff ready for on big sale this weekend. Mom, Aunt Judy, Raeanne and I are getting rid of stuff. We are having it at Raeanne's house. I should be putting it in my car now, But I am on here. Guess I better go for now.


dixiesamplar said...

Congratulations on the carpet installation...and yes, I know how you feel...only my pain was a result of pulling up carpet and those nasty tack strips!! Egads, that was an awful experience! Hope you feel better soon!

Good luck with the yard sale, and the property taxes...ugh!

Called and purchased the Jenny Bean Halloween if I needed any more new stash...but, after seeing yours, I couldn't stop myself. Think I am gonna stitch it over one though...I love the effect of over one with samplers. We'll see how it goes!


Siobhan said...

Yeay on the new carpet! Putting it in yourself--eek. I can imagine how your back feels!

Best of luck with the yard sale.

Love the new stash.