Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a Day !!!

I took my mom to her chemo treatment today. We have about 4 more treatments. I say we because I will be there with her through all this. She has lost her hair. Has a great wig... Looks just like the way she always wears her hair. She has been having to tell everyone it is a wig.. LOL... She had reddish blonde short spiked hair. Not her real color... Cousin Todd said his mother and my mother ( 1 1/2 yrs apart and close as 2 peas ) did not even know what color their real hair was because they have dyed their hair for years... LOL Our family deals with stress by laughing and keeps things on a light and uplifting note. Mom has to go back tomorrow for a shot. Raeanne ( My Daughter ) & Joshua will go with us tomorrow so that we can go by Babies R Us. Mom will be extra tired tomorrow so we will not stay long.

Also at this stressful and busy time we are renovating a trailer across the street from our place. We purchased the trailer and land on a foreclosure deal from the bank. ( Just imagine Mobile Home Disaster ) The show used to come on CMT with Comedian Capp as host. Place is not bad, but not good. I will post pictures of our Mobile Home Disaster and all the renovations and progress. Thought about renting out at first, but now we may move into it this fall. We Call it Downsizing... LOL

Baby Update !
Raeanne is having a hard time. She is diabetic, and did great the whole time with Joshua, but this little girl is giving her problems already...LOL Uncontrolled sugar lows.

So as you can see, It Has Been A Day.

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