Thursday, May 21, 2009

Door & Carpet

I finished jury case yesterday. Guilty of child pornography. Was a bad case. Had to watch videos of children in sex acts that was evidence in the case. Hope to never do that again. Enough of that...

We bought the siding door that goes between eating area and sunroom last night. I was going to get the panel french door. But door would open to the inside and take away from dining area. Decided in panel siding door. Also bought the carpet to put down in living room. Dewayne (DH) has in his mind if he doesn't have carpet on the floors, He is freezing... He is right in some ways and I would rather vacuum than have to sweep and then use a mop. HE WON.

My family is having a cookout here at my house Sunday. I have to start getting my house in order. I guess my spring cleaning is starting today...

Take care,

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