Saturday, May 20, 2017


 As promised, I'm showing my stitching on Blackbird Designs - Anniversaries Of The Heart charts. I have been stitching on these designs for over two years now.. I just stitch on them when I don't have anything else to stitch.. which is rare!  lol
 I'm personalizing each block. Each of my family has a block. The picture above is showing how far I have stitched. This is stitched on 30 count natural linen with 2 strands of floss over 2.  I have changed some of the floss colors because they were not showing up on the natural linen.  I hope you enjoy my show & tell.

The first block is a snow color block. We lived in Ludington Michigan in 1970 & 71. I was 5 years old. That was my first and only airplane ride. This block reminded me of my time living in a white winter wonderland.  I personalized it by adding Mich and my A for me, a J for my mom and a P for my dad ( PeeWee ) and the year 1970. My brother was not born at this time..
 The second block is for me and my husband. We married in 1981.  Added our names and year we married along with a T on the door.

 This is block number 3 and is just a standard fill in block.

The Fourth block is for my grandson Joshua Logan Pruitt.  I added his name, Joshua and date of birth and year.  I stitched a P on the door.  I hope one day him and his sister will treasure this stitch.

The fifth block is my dad's block. RMW stands for his name, Robert Manly Whitaker, He was a Jr. 1941 is stitched in the roof for the year he was born.  He is no longer with us but I will be writing all info on the back after it is framed, therefore we may live long after we are not here.  I hope.  lol

The sixth block is for my brother. He is Robert Manly Whitaker III. We call him Trey.  I stitched the W and his birthday 1-12 along with his name Trey and the year of his birth 1972. He always played in the mud and water growing up so I thought this block was just right for him.  Water.

The seventh block is for my mom, Johnette and it says Dear Mom.   I stitched a D because her maiden name was Duncan. and the year of her birth on the right side of the house. She loves gardens with flowers so this block was just right for her.
 The next block is for my grand daughter Zoe Peyton Pruitt. She loves butterflies and all animals. This block was right for her. I stitched her name, date of birth and the year.

On to the next ones, number nine and ten. Number nine is my husband's block. October block. That is the month he was born. He name is Henry Dewayne Taylor so, the H for Henry, added his birthday and year of birth and the T.
 The number ten block is where I have stopped stitching for now. It will be my mom and dad's marriage block. Number eleven block is next, it is a special on for me. Reminds me of living in Perry Missouri in the year 1975-1976.  The last block number twelve will be the block about me the stitcher.

I hope y'all have enjoyed this little show & tell on my blog. I will be doing more show & tell on my blog as I get back in the habit of blogging.  I sure have missed blogging and reading all my favorite blogs. Facebook kind of took over.....

Hope you will come back to visit.


Dawn said...

April those are so very beautiful with lovely sentiments. WEll Done!

Sweet Sue said...

beautiful stitching and sentiments april. so very special, ty for sharing....

Linda said...

It is gorgeous April. I love the way you personalized each block. What a great memory piece.


Robin in Virginia said...

April, your AotH piece is stunning. I really like you are personalizing each block. Thank you for sharing!

Jackie said...

Love seeing your AotH and the personalizations you've made! Absolutely beautiful! I'm working on this too but saved the personalizations until the end along with the lazy daisy stitches. Bad decision!

cucki said...

Wow beautiful stitching and sweet sentiments
Sending you love and smiles x