Monday, May 8, 2017


I guess Until Later.... Means 3 months later!  Where is the time going and what have I be doing? That is the million dollar question.
Well, I didn't make it to the Primitive Stitchers Society Retreat( PSS ) this year. I ahhh and ooddd over all the pictures and lived through the videos that Ridgely did!  Great videos of all the stash I didn't get to see or buy.. Do I sound down in the dumps?  Maybe it is because I restarted Weight Watcher today! I guess all that moping around this weekend while everyone was in Ohio got to me.
Plus I think I ate to much.. Nope, I know I ate to much!  lol

I started the first time on March 2nd of this year. I had lost 14 pounds by April 15th. I was so happy that I decided I could do this on my own with a free app. Thought I would save the 19.99 a month by downloading the Spark People app. Well, it counted calories and not points.  The new WW was doing great for my diabetes because it makes you decide if you want to eat those 5 Hersey Kisses in 2 seconds flat, I mean gobble them up!  Yes.. I did do that once....only once....and subtract a lot of points from my only 30 points a day OR eat an apple, banana, or watermelon for ZERO points..
Well, the story is within that 2 weeks I gained about 4 pounds back.. OH NO!!!  That ain't going to happen on my watch!  lol  I deleted that Spark People app and got right back online last night with Weight Watchers!   YAY!!!  I'll be glad to pay 49.00 every 3 months until I reach my goal weight.

Enough about the weight.. I have missed blogging and reading blogs.  So along with accounting for my food, I'm going to start accounting for my blog posting too.

These are some pictures of what I have been doing. Mainly woodwork. I have been making my Primitive Needlework Hangers, Boards, Paddles and Barn wood things. Here are some pictures:

 Winter Colors Of Hangers
 Heart Mounting Boards
 Small Heart Mounting Boards

 Examples of the needlework you can hang in them.
Spring Colors for the Hangers

Examples of the use of the Hangers.

I have these and more boards for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I just released the Summer Colors.
Red, White, Blue, Black and Gray.
I have a driftwood color hanger that I will be showing next week. Great for any summer quilt, cross stitch, needle punch or wool applique project

I will be back this week. I will do a show and tell blog about my stitching Blackbird Designs - Anniversaries Of The Heart. It is a BAP.  lol

Thanks for still being around if you are reading this. Tap tap tap... You are there aren't you? 


cucki said...

Wow looking so pretty
I love ❤️
Hugs and smiles x

Robin in Virginia said...

I'm still here! Off to check out your wood items in your Etsy shop.

Linda said...

Love all of your boards April.