Monday, September 16, 2013


I have pulled all my tubs out. I'm starting to decorate for Fall. So far, I have just put out the Fall things. No Halloween yet.  I may save them to put out around October 1st. I still have the leaf garland to put up above the kitchen cabinets. I had bought some orange lights at the end of Halloween last year. I may blend them in with the leaf garland.

 I have the oil pump lamp decorated. I did dust off everything high and low. Not feeling up to par today. I don't know if stress from dealing with my Aunt's stroke or just maybe a stomach bug. I don't handle stressful situations good. My face is broke out and stomach is all out of whack....

 I went in Books A Million looking for The JCS Christmas Ornament issue. I should have known they would not have it yet.. I then drove to Barnes and Nobles. Guess What? No issue there yet...
What is going on? I did find this issue of Create and Decorate magazine. I love the Fall and Spring issues of this magazine only. I looked at the Holiday Issue. Didn't see anything I liked. I did see this in the Fall issue:

All Hallows' Eve Sampler by Terry Loewen. So cute! The pumpkins across the bottom have orange eyes and mouths. It is stitched on gray fabric.  It will fit in a standard 11 x 14 frame. they just added the wooden bats to the frame.
I joined Terri's Harvest Fall Exchange. I have yet to pick anything out to stitch for my partner. I may lay around today and look through all my patterns. That sounds great, don't it?  lol
I'll just sit and take it easy till Sleepy Hollow the show premiers tonight. I have been waiting for this show to start. Of course, my cable TV has been acting up all this past weekend and now it is stopping and starting (freezing) Never had a problem till we went digital! It freezes all the time. I took the boxes back and hooked it up to the cable without the boxes and it does fine, but we don't get any channels past 61. Then I get mad.. why pay for 180 channels and only get 50? I may tell them to take the boxes and I will just have to watch the 50 I do get, But my bill better come down by 30 or more dollars. That TV watching is only worth 19.99!  lol
Enough soapbox standing and speaking...  Have a great day!
Till Later......



Parsley said...

Can't wait to get my pumpkins out to decorate. Looks like you have a good start.

Nan said...

Enjoyed seeing your fall decorations. My DH asked when the 4th of July stitching was going away and fall was coming out. I guess it is that time. Maybe seeing yours will motivate me a little.
Take care!

Chris said...

Lovely fall decorating. My JCS issue came in the mail on Friday. I hope that you track down a copy soon.
I am looking forward to Sleepy Hollow too. Maybe I will watch it tonight :)

Dawn said...

April, I couldn't wait for the JCS so I bought the digital copy

Shirlee posted the link the other day, she is such an enabler, lol. It's really great.

I've been in the fall mood too..the colors are so warm !

Barb said...

Your house looks so pretty and ready for fall. Hope you got to see Sleepy Hollow. I watch the movie every Oct. That and Hocus Pocus!

dixiesamplar said...

I am so excited to see everyone's goodies from the exchange, and I am so glad that you were able to join us for the fun! Lord girl, you better get crackin' LOL!

Hope things are progressing well with your aunt?

Love that design by Terry Loewen...spooky! And your fall decor is looking very festive as well. I need to get busy doing the same around these parts myself.

I just heard about a sampler exhibition in the Atlanta area hosted by the Magnolia Sampler Guild. I thinkit begins Sep 20th and runs through the 28th. I'll try to find the info and send you a link in case you are interested. They have it every, maybe we can catch next year's together??!!