Monday, February 25, 2013


I just have to tell y'all I scooted up and down the highway behind my house this weekend.  DH says I was terrorizing the neighbors!!  lol I loved it..
I did have a question from blog stitching friend, Charlene SC. She asked where was I going to carry all my stitching?  lol  That is a great question... hmmmm  . May have to purchase a trailer!  lol
Loved all the comments.  I can't wait till it stops raining and I can ride more..
Stitching news:  I did start a new project. The CCN Poinsettia House. I chose to do this square on 32 Angel Blush (light pink).
Next square will be on a light gray. I am trying to do each month on a different color of linen. I hope to have them finished by Christmas so the The Grands can enjoy. I will post picture tomorrow.


Barb said...

As I said before,You are very brave!

xstitchatoz said...

Lol, I just pictured saddlebags hanging all over your scooter :))

Ranae said...

I seen that photo of you on your new scooter,
Sounds like its a blast