Friday, February 1, 2013


We had to do an emergency run to the animal hospital this afternoon with BK ( Baby Kitty).
Before I get into story... We did find out BK is a little girl kitty... I know!  don't laugh.... She is about 14 weeks old by the vet looking at her teeth.
Because she is so little and furry we had a hard time telling what she was.. male or female.. Go ahead and laugh at me now. lol
Anyhoo. The afternoon before last, I heard banging and loud kitty screaming. I ran outside and BK came running up on the porch.. Just scared.. I picked her up and she was shaking. I noticed some blood on her paw.. I looked her all over and no more blood.. She was doing fine after she calmed down. We always bring them in at night.
This morning, I leave to go to the grocery store. They both run outside. I will not be long.  BK is fine running around.
I come back home and BK is on the porch. I let her in and I notice she is limping some, and is favoring her back leg and more blood. 
I start stitching later on and she comes and gets on the couch beside me. Lays down and goes to sleep. That is unusual.. She is always busy playing. Forward 4 hours and she is still asleep.. Hmmmmm
She wakes up at dinner time. She tries to get up and can't. I try to pick her up and she tries to bite me and is shaking. I know that is a sign of pain.. I tell DH get your boots back on!  We are headed to our animal doctor!
That is where we were this afternoon... Vet says she has 2 puncture wounds on her belly. Showed them to us. She also had a fever of 104.  She is just so little. They gave her a steroid shot and we now have antibiotic drops for her to take twice a day.
It is 9:30 and she is up and eating and drinking.. She is walking better.. I need to sit up her recovery room in our bathroom tonight. Vet said to confine her till tomorrow, so that she does not jump and get hurt.  Willie Loomis came over and stared at her laying on the couch next to me.. He started washing her head.. I think he knows she is hurt and not feeling good.

So that has been my afternoon and night. I need to get the recovery room set up for our patient.  Till later.....


ricketyjo said...

so sorry to hear about your little kitty... hope she is all healed soon. xx

vivian said...

aww! the poor poor baby! something attacked her! too bad you cant just keep her in all the time. Im glad you took her to the vets. keep us posted on her recovery!
and happy weekend!

Parsley said...

Poor sweet kitty! I hope your next post tells us she's recovering well.

Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope your baby is okay.
I won't laugh at you about thinking BK was a boy. We did the exact same thing with a kitty that showed up on our door. We kept calling it "she" when it was really a "he". Our vet enlightened us. ;) Oh well - we have dogs where things are a bit more obvious.
Praying for BK and that she heals quickly and is back to her usual playful self.

Peggy Lee said...

Oh no! Did she get in a fight, or???
I hope she is feeling better this morning.
Poor baby.

~hugs to you and BK ♥

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about BK. Glad she is doing better.


Mouse said...

awwww hope she is ok , hope she hasn't be bit by a snake ??? give her a cuddle from me ... love mouse xxxxx

Michelle May said...

Good gracious! What bit her?

Terri said...

I hope she is all better soon! Poor baby!

Sharon said...

Wow, after all that, you probably will need to set up a recovery room for you too! Thanks for being such a great fur-mama. the world needs more people like you. :)