Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Olympics start tomorrow. I have said before I am not a summer fan.. I love the Winter Olympics. I love all winter sports! I watch all events in the Winter Olympics that I can.
Summer Olympics, I only like to watch the gymnastic events. I had a trip done memory lane of the 70's and 80's gymnastic events today. I had forgot alot of the faces and wins.
Remember Her:

 Nadia Comaneci!  I thought she was the best!  She was the first ever person in a gymnastic event to score perfect tens. Loved watching her...
 Then there was Bart Connor. All those goods looks....and guess what?
 Bart and Nadia are together and have a family!!! Love it, I did not know this till today.. Where have I been? Like I said, I love Winter Olympics!!!  lol
 I am not a Michael Phelps fan.  I am a fan of this man! Mark Spitz. He is still looking good in his older years... lol

Mary Lou Retton!  I love this outfit she wore!  So USA!!!  I hope they have great outfits this year! 

and.. I had to add this great Olympian from 1976!  Yes...

Bruce Jenner

 He was a very good looking man in 1976. Don't you think so?  I did when I saw this picture.. Now Look at him -

Bruce Kardashian!  What happened?  I think it is that woman. I do not watch their show.. I did read today that the whole family voted, yes, VOTED for him to have another plastic surgery on his face! He said he had one 20 years ago and another one recently.  Big Mistake Bruce!  Sorry, but you look creepy...  lol
I still like you as Bruce Jenner the Gold Medalist...
I can do without Bruce Kardashian!  lol

Till later.... I am going to look over the Olympic events and times to get a game plan... lol


Denise said...

I've got the tv guide in front of me and am prepared to watch each and every minute possible in the next two weeks! My butt will be numb and my hands worked to the bone (cause I'll be stitching too)but after those two weeks I should have progress on something! GO USA!

Deanna said...

Yea, old Brucie boy, big mistake... big mistake! He does look creepy.

Since I don't have an athletic bone in my body, I've never been much into the Olympics. But I guess I've watched more than I realized because I watched and admired all of those you mentioned. What talent!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Bruce always reminded me a little of The Tin Man with his blunt nose. Do you suppose he showed the surgeon the photo you have here and said, make me look like this again? Didn't work if he did!

Catherine said...

How fun to see all these names I remember from growing up! They look fantastic ~ all save for that scary creature at the end ~ I'm with you on that one!

Robin said...

You are spot on as far as Bruce Jenner. He used to be dreamy. Why do people feel that need to mess with surgery. am not much for sports but I guess I like the pageantry and it is kind of a Cinderella story for all these young athletes. With my mother in law from London, I have to watch to see all the venues.

red.neck chic said...

LMBO!!! he DOES look creepy!!!

i'm a winter olympic girl myself... but i would have liked to lose my AIRHEADEDNESS last night and watched the opening ceremony!!! i'm such a dork - i usually adore the opening ceremony!!! and i missed it!!!


happy saturday!!!

Myra said...

I remember and love all those folks too! I will be glued to the TV for the next few days every chance I get. I love the Olympics.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
I love your post about the gymnasts they are my favourite!

Your finish in your previous post is beautiful.

Peggy Lee said...

I agree with you about Bruce Jenner. What was he thinking...what IS his thinking???

Thanks for stopping by my blog.