Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 This is the necklace I won from LuLu's Blog. I just love it!  Just says SUMMER!  LuLu makes beautiful things. All kinds of things!!! Please check out her blog here:
Thank You LuLu !!  I Love The Necklace!!!

 This is me, I told LuLu I would model the necklace on my blog.. Please overlook the beginnings of The Chicken Neck!  You know Chicken Neck.. That skins that starts hanging do on both sides of the middle of your throat, from your chin... That is Chicken neck! You would think me not being a small gal, that I would not have the beginnings of a Chicken Neck...It runs in my family like the bad skin.. Light skin with freckles and bat wings under the upper arms!!!  I was made fun of the other day, I was jumping on mini trampoline with Zoe Bug, we were holding hands and jumping.. I heard the words, " I think she is trying to take off ."  They, ( DD and DH) were making comments about my bat wings flapping. lol I laughed right along with them... It was my fault.. I knew better than to wear that tank top outside when playing.... lol

 Wanted to do a little plug for my friend Michelle at Raspberry Rabbits. She has released a book. It is great for quilters and nonquilters.. I am a nonquilter.  lol  I am learning.. This book is wonderful! Sorry my picture is blurred. It is dark and rainy. Here is Michelle's site if you would love to see what the patterns are and to order one:
I love that Michelle gives you a view of all the patterns included in the book. Easy instructions. Great pattern pieces to work with.
I am working on a Fusion model for her now. It is great! So see, Old Gals can learn new things!!! 

This is my clearance purchases for today.. Hobby Lobby seen me coming!  All the little boxed bottle are from a company called Art-C. They have glitter or beads in each bottle. I also got the Media Cards real cheap. The Cricket spatula was not on clearance, but I needed it. 
I know I said I would have a finish to show today.. I fell asleep last night.. It will be shown tomorrow..  so, tune in to my regular scheduled program for the pictures.
Till later....


Denise said...

Beautiful necklace! Lucky you!

As for the chicken neck and wings - right there with you. It's **ll getting older! lol

Neat finds - wish we could see the bottles a bit closer.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is lovely!
Great purchases from Hobby Lobby!

Michelle May said...

Gorgeous necklace!
Bat wings and chicken necks...girlfriend you are just too totally funny!
Glad you like my book.

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVED seeing you wearing the Necklace and that you are enjoying it!

Hope all is well your way! I am finally getting back around to Blogging again and visiting all my favorite Blogs :)