Monday, April 16, 2012


Where has this week gone? I have been doing the usual, mowing the grass, and cleaning the house. A spring cleaning bug bit me last week. I even cleaned all the kitchen cabinet inside and out!  I did stitch some. I have been watching Harry Potter while stitching.. I am watching Deathly Hallows Part One today.. Rainy day here in Bama.
It makes a great day for stitching and tv watching.. I am making good progress on my dad's memorial sampler.  I will try to get a picture tomorrow if the sun will shine for me..
Hope all my blogger friends and readers are ok in midwest. Those tornadoes have been terrible.
I did win a chart from Cherrywood Designs off their facebook page. I will post a picture of it also tomorrow!
Take care... Just a quick update.... lol


vivian said...

I know, those poor people and those tornados.. I would just keel over and die from fear. Just a little storm puts me over the edge here!
have a great week !!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations in winning a chart from Cherrywood Designs.

Looking forward to seeing your WIP and hope you enjoyed Harry Potter!