Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Mailbox has Been Busy!!

 I have been ordering some fabric off Facebook with Silkweaver Fabrics. They show a piece of fabric with count, size, color, and price. They usually have 1 or more pieces up for grabs.  First one that types ME gets it!  Well, I got three last week and one this week.    That lovely purple above is a Solo color. It is 14 count aida. I loved the color.. Has sparklies too!  lol
 The next one is a 32 count Belfast. It is darker green than this picture..
Then this last one is 28 count Lugana.. It is a darker in the picture Pink with light pink. I had no Pink color in all my fabric stash. How could that be.. I am a girl!  I should have Pink!
I have just about every color but Pink... Hmmmm.  How did that happen? 
I have not been up to much. I have been trying to catch up on reading blogs.. I changed to the new Blog look and now I can't find where to read on my blog. Blogger said they were changing by the end of April.. I went ahead and changed mine. What a mistake!!  lol  Please be patient with me.. I will be by to comment soon.
Till Later.....

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Sally said...

Those fabrics are beautiful!