Friday, December 16, 2011

My Life One Day To The Next!

 This is the tale of popcorn kernels and a 2 year old.
This day at the park was so nice. Sun shining, grands getting their Vitamin D, and some hard playing going on.
Next Day.. I am taking my mother (meme) to her cancer doctor for a checkup. Get a call for daughter (raeanne)....I am taking Zoe to the doctor...
Me:  What is wrong? ( all kinds of stuff going on in my head, I don't do emergency stuff very good!)
R: She has a popcorn kernel stuck in her nose!
Me: What?.... In her nose!!!
R: I have already pulled 3 kernels out, but I can't get to the one stuck way up in there!
Me: OMG!!! Do you need me to get Josh?
R: No, He is worried about his sister... I will call when they get it out.
How in the heck could she get 4 kernel stuck up one side of her little nose? 
Well... from what I learned from Raeanne, it took her, a doctor and a nurse to hold Zoe down to remove the kernel, which had gotten stuck in a bunch of mucus..  Zoe and her brother Josh, both left with stickers and popsicles. I guess she was given a treat for letting them remove the kernel, he was giving a treat for watching it all!
As they left and drove out of sight... The doctor was heard saying," Don't put anything else in your nose!" Raeanne didn't want to mention that just Tuesday she had a small garland of beads stuffed in her nose.. Good thing they were all attached when pulled out!!  lol 
As of today her little nose is sore!  Maybe, just maybe she has learned a lesson.. then again.. Her finger will not stay out of her nose.   Till another day in my life...


Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Why do kids do that? My niece shoved rice up her nose and I about passed out! Then got all upset for cooking rice for dinner!!!
Just let the finger stay up the nose. At least that will come out...dirty, but out!
Hope your mom's visit went ok.

basketsnprims said...

Oh my goodness I sure hope she doesn't put anything up her nose. So glad they got treats! I'll keep your mom in my prayers, April

Robin said...

OMGosh!. Glad everything is ok. Never a dull minute with kids!

Mouse said...

eeeyyywwww silly girl hopefully she will learn on day ...may be love mouse xxx

Kim K. said...

My Josie put a rock up her nose 2 years ago. Seriously fun times at the emergency center filled with loads of germy folks.

Thinking of you!!

Deanna said...

Poor little thing. Hopefully she will not be putting anything else in her nose. One of my kids (can't remember which one now) was fond of putting things in their ear. That was NOT a good thiing. Kids!

vivian said...

lol! poor kid! when we were little, my little friend barbie stuck a mouse from the game mouse trap up her nose. I dont know how she got it so far up there.. but I remember it was quite the to do!