Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Computer Cable And Christmas !

Merry Christmas !!! 
Happy New Year!!!

I keep saying this and smiling.  Just got off the phone with cable company. I kind of lost it with them.
But First... My laptop has been infected with the Vista Security 2012 Virus.  Yep... I thought since I have Windows Vista, it was something my laptop did.  It keeps telling me I have 234 infections and 6 bad Trojan thingies.. I am not computer savvy.  Well, I have McAfee Security. This Vista Security 2012 Virus will not even let it work.. I have switched to my little Acer Notebook for blog reading and cross stitch looking. My HP Desk is used for email. So I had to go and change my windows mail to Taylor62 address.  This will get fixed no time soon. I just got my HP back from IT shop. It cost an arm and leg to fix.
On to Cable... Two weeks ago, I called the cable company. I wanted to cut back Internet and cable. They are combined. Well... I opened bill today and it was doubled!  WHAT THE.... I had the price locked in for 2 years.. I got on the phone.. they were charging me for HBO, Cinemax and wire protection.. What!!  I got that all handled and let them have it!!  I now have a headache, but no HBO, Cinemax or digital cable. Only the BARE TV stations.. Trying to save money.. I was told 89.98 a month. That is still to high for some TV watching..
I Know... Everything is going up.
Post office charged me $5.20 for the little VCR tape size box to mail yesterday.. Didn't it cost $ 4.95?  She explained to me all postage was going up on Jan. 1st.  No again.... Just since this weekend has the prices of things bothered me.. Is anyone else affected by these prices that keep going up.. I stood in the cereal aisle looking around at cereal Saturday... My Multigrain Cheerios (12oz) were $4.97  a box. You add toilet tissue, paper towels, shampoo and conditioner and my total was $42.34, and this was at Walmart. Only thing to eat was Cheerios!!    Oh, by the way I forgot the milk....  lol
I will quit ranting now... Christmas is coming!!!  I will smile and talk sweet to my dear hubby.. I need a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas Eve... What will that cost us??   I do have a $5.00 coupon off!  Think he will go for it!! Yall keep your fingers crossed!!!  till later...


Michelle May said...

Everything is getting so ridiculously high. It's just nuts. Keeping bunny ears crossed that 2012 will be fabulous.
We all could use some HAPPY! :)

Shanda said...

I got hit by that same virus. It over rode my avg and spybot. We had to go into the registry and delete some things. Then we were finally able to go in safe mode, but still screwed up. We had to get a fake key like we had bought it, enter it in while in safe mode, then I was able to use my avg and spybot. got rid of most of it, but the puter is still quirky. Good thing it was an old spare and not my new one!!

Mouse said...

ohhh dear sorry to hear you've got computer problems .. nothing worse and I agree everything has gone up and they shouldn't have charged you the higher price at the PO as the prices don't go up till the 1st ... she is wayyy to early .... and coooo about the cable prices ....hope you manage to get your ham ... from an equally skint mouse xxxx

pam said...

I keep trying to gt DH to cut back on Sat Dish. It is crazy what we are paying. I feel your pain.

dixiesamplar said...

Goodness, sorry to hear about the computer ills...hope it gets straightened out for you!

Prices are crazy...and, sadly, are only going to get worse I believe. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Lisa Dunn said...

Yes, everything is going up but our pay! Sigh.

I'm sorry your computer is messed up. That is so aggravating.

I hope you get your Honey Baked Ham. :o)

Joy said...

Oh the woes of computers...hope they're taken care of soon. And just why is it the cable companies can charge so much? I know everything is going up in price but do they all have to get together and do it at the same time?

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy that ham...I couldn't justify the price this year;)