Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookie Making And A Surprise

Let the cookie making begin!! 
 And we are making cookies in our PJ's!!
 I am working with Pros!!!
 Let the cookie decorating begin! See all those jars of sprinkles!!
 Oh... The cups of colored icing!!
 One just wanted to eat the sprinkles!! Wonder who that was??  lol
 Green trees with sprinkles, red Santa's with sprinkles, White snowmen with red hot buttons, blue bells with silver sprinkles and colorful stars. Who could ask for anything else?  Maybe me!!  I need someone to get all this flour and sprinkles up off my dining room floor!  lol  I loved it !!  We did have a great time!!
 My stitching friend Bonnie (no blog) sent these to me! I just love them!
They are ornaments she made with pictures of her stitching and she mounts them on wood!! Great idea!!  I love the Ornaments Bonnie!!  I know she reads my blog. If any of yall are in the Samplermakers Group by Lori, you have seen pictures of Bonnie's beautiful stitching and finishing ideas!! I just love everything she does! Bonnie is a great inspiration for me. We also love the same designs and designers!! 
I have swept my floor and get up most the sprinkles.. Now I will rest till tomorrow. I will mop then!
To tired... Till Later....


Karen said...

Love the ornaments...agree that is a great idea! Looks like a fun time making cookies too!

paula said...

I volunteer to send you my Indy . . she will vacuum anything edible off of the floor.

Faye said...

What a fantastic idea!! Take a picture of your finished stitching and mount into an ornament...I love it!! And, I love those designers as well....Too cute....

Now, about those sprinkles and all that flour on the floor....I know you guys had BIG fun!!! Tis the season!!!!

Well, hope you have a good week and are ready for the fat man to come down the chimney...~~

Merry Christmas my friend! Faye

Littlebit said...

What mess? My floor is perfectly clean now! LOL! One tradition down, one to go..cupcakes with my youngest! Lovely cookies..adorable grandchildren.
Wow..the things your friend sent are beautiful!! How creative. I especially love the second one. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

vivian said...

looks like fun! I'm looking forward to a few years from now, making cookies with my grandies! I made cookies the other day and found that I hardly have any christmas cutters anymore. guess I need to get some new ones!
merry Christmas!

Kim K. said...

Yippee for gifts and christmas cookies.

Michelle May said...

Oh how fun! Cookies! cookies! cookies!

Catherine said...

What fun! And those ornaments are great!

Donna said...

Cookie making looked like so much fun. Keep getting beter everyday :)