Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Finish And A Stitching Progress

 This is one of the Cricket Collection Halloween Ornaments finished. I call him Ghosty..
Here is the last one.. I call him Batty. He is stitched with Thread Gatherer's silk & colors and Sheep's silk.  Let me tell you. I have dry hands and the thread just keep getting snagged on my ruff hands.. lol   I love the feel of the thread. He also is made with Kreinik #4 Threads.  Snagging again!!  Maybe I just need to keep lotion on my hands.. but then I am afraid of it getting on the linen.
I am still stitching on the Model Stitching. 
To my blog friends on the east coast - Please stay safe this weekend. I have my tv tuned to the weather channel. Ya'll have had a eventful week, earthquakes and now a hurricane. Seen on News that there have been 4 earthquakes in 3 days.. Colorado, Virginia, San Francisco, & Peru. That is alot of Earthquakes.  Heard from some of my blog friends that they have felt aftershocks.. Just stay safe friends and do you have a generator to keep those computers up and running?  lol
Turn fans toward my state of Bama and blow that rain this way. We have not had rain in the month of August at my house. All around me.. but not at my house!  I thought I heard Snap, Crackle & Pop the cereal guys, but no, It was my grass underneath my feet.
Headed to eat my Chips & Salsa. Yum Yum Lunch!
Till Later......


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Great stitcheries! How will you finish them up? Pillows? In Frames?

Myra said...

Those are the cutest Halloween ornaments. We are like you - no rain and so dry here.

Kim K. said...

I'm all about plotting new Halloween crafts right now and your stitching is just lovely.

Penny said...

Love the ghost.I have the same problem with the thread snagging on my chapped hands in the winter-annoying.Wish I could send you some of the rain we are expecting.

Siobhan said...

Great finish!! Batty is super cute, too. I love Halloween stitching!