Friday, May 13, 2011

Where Did My Thursday Post Go !!

Well it seems that my post a wrote and posted on Thursday has disappeared into space.  I seen it all yesterday and last night. I also tried to comment on my blogging friend's post and it said " Read Only" .. duhhh.  Well, here is the Thursday addition to the giveaway:
 Nail Files and a Fizz Ball. Also DMC #'s 677- yellowish tan, 640- grayish, tan, and 993 - Teal.  Here is Today's addition:

A necklace that I put together with components from Industrial Chic. Also DMC #'s 3806 - Burgandy and 3371 - Dk Brown.
I am still cleaning up the craft room. Hubby has not put the doors up. He has been working out in the heat ( 90's) and I didn't want to ask him again after, I mentioned something about it the other day.  I still have my head, But... Boy did I get a look!!!  lol
So I am putting all the stuff back in the closet.. He will just have to work around it.
If you want to be entered in the Giveaway. Go here to comment:
By the way I have been battling a little field mouse.. He must have decided to come live with us here in the big house after we tore down his house... He is smart. Will not get on the glue traps, will not that the bait traps, (the ones where they go in and don't come out), So... I am going back to old school Brain Buster Traps.  I will win !!
Unless he is like this mouse:
Till Tomorrow....


Joy said...

Wow...April you are putting a lot of time and effort into that giveaway!!

Blogger has been having problems since Wednesday...hopefully, they are resolved now!

Loretta said...
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Loretta said...

To see what happened to your post check here -

Good luck with the mouse. Every time we get them in our trailer it really creeps me out.

Wagapapa said...

It happened the same to my thursday's blog comments :(

TinaTx said...

I saw your post yesterday and tried to comment - that is when I figured out there was an issue with blogger. . . Hopefully things are straight now!
Have a nice weekend!

Parsley said...

Yes, blogger has been a pain the last few days.