Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Addition To The Giveaway!

I have some more stuff to add today. I will be adding stuff each day till Sunday, when I draw a name. It will be a variety of things. Not just cross stitch. Here is today's things:
It is some cupcake papers and picks for this Memorial Day or 4th Of July!!  I also added some DMC floss, #'s 3842- blue, 304-red and B5200 white. Brightest White. I use this one alot...
These pictures below are the famous craft room... where on MTV Cribs.. They say the Magic Happens!!    Oh... That was to have been a bedroom on MTV Cribs.. Oh well..... My magic happens here!!!  Crafting Magic!!! I am cleaning it out!!  Hubby is coming in today to hang those closet doors.  Woohoo!!! Finally!!!

Can you get this excited about closet doors.  I do !!! I will go tomorrow and look for fabric to make gathered inserts on those doors. I was out and about today, but got tired and came on home.
We started AGAIN... Eating healthy.  I had a salad today for lunch. I don't eat dressing. I guess that is good, because I heard the salad dressing is where all the calories come from..  Tonight we are having vegetables. Fresh Vegetables.. Hubby may have a problem with this. He is a meat and potato guy. 
If you want to enter the Giveaway before Sunday. Just comment at the Post here:
Till Tomorrow with More Stuff To Give Away !!!!


Teresa said...

More fun stuff in your giveaway. I love any thing patriotic.
Your MTV crib is nice, I would get excited over doors too!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Parsley said...

You have such a creative mind and these little additions just give me the giggles.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

More fun goodness! Doors, especially for closets are so wonderful!

Patty C. said...

Have fun picking the fabric for those doors - I would be very excited - Congrats ;)

Nancy said...

Great additions to the giveaway! Can't wait to see the fabric you choose for those doors!

Sherry said...

More fun stuff in your giveaway. I hope you had fun choosing the fabric for your doors. I love having my craft/sewing room. I have had one for a few years now that our kids are all grown.