Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today's added things are for relaxing and working on your nails. 2 emery boards, a bath ball fizz and 3 colors of DMC. #'s 677 - yellowish beige, 993 -teal, and 640 - grayish brown
Stay tuned in for tomorrow... I have something I made with all the parts from Industrial Chic necklace. Whoops... I think I gave away the surprise...
While I have been doing this giveaway, I have been still cleaning out that craft room. Today I had the grandchildren while their mom went for a MRI. Good times went bad on the porch when Josh decided it would be a fun thing to dump a whole 96oz bottle of bubbles down sister's tike slide and onto the porch. That action called for us all going inside.. Last time that happened... yes, he did it before! He thought he was going to play slip and slide... yes, he had a fall and his clothes were a sudsy...I learned from that experience.
Zoe happened to find, out of all my cabinets, the one that had the glue trap for a little field mouse that I have been doing The Battle Of Whits. I spent a little while cleaning her up. Her fingers kept sticking together. That made me more mad at the mouse. I have one of those Bait boxes, where you don't see what happens to them.. He keeps going around that thing and ate on my loaf of bread last night. Had it on top of the microwave... urgghhhh No more Ms Nice Gal!!! I am going to go buy some Brain Busting Traps tonight. Old fashioned wooden base with great metal bar that gets him in the head!!!  Unless I have a mouse like this one:

Rocky Balboa Mouse clip is so funny !!!  Till Tomorrow....

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