Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It is one beautiful day here in Bama. I have been Spring cleaning for the past 2 days. I have one bathroom to finish up. I had to sit and rest for now... I did find out how out of shape, I am. Just whirling around here, has me out of breath. It has been in the 60's here. I have all the doors open and I am letting the breeze blow the old winter stink out. I have never seen so much dust in my bedroom. That is where Rebel stays and sleeps. Yes, I am blaming her for the dust... lol She has been following me from room to room today . Right now, she just flopped down on the floor and is looking like she is giving up on this cleaning job. I washed both her little doggy sweaters. They are all ready for the next cool spell. Next is her doggy bed.
You would not imagine the row of clothes I have lined up. I have piles sitting in a line, just like people stand in a line. They are having to wait their turn, to jump in that old washing machine.
I have not stitched any since last week. I am watching the mailbox for a package from Brenda to stitch her next model... I can't wait to see what it is!!! I did start my Aunt Debbi's surprise.
Well, I have to go over and touch Rebel.. ( she can't hear) and tell her, Break time is over!! maybe I will just let her sleep.... till later!


basketsnprims said...

Hey, Ms. Ambitious ~ how would you like to fly to Mi. and help me clean? lol Still to early here for opening windows and doors but it was gorgeous here today. I'm catching up on orders, then I'm tying into that fabulous giveaway that you sent me. thanks so much again.
hugs ~

vivian said...

well, mrs Clean! when you finish there....
oh.. those sunny days when the sun shines in through all the windows and every spot of dust just glistens and glows!!! eiy yie yie!! and you think to your self.. omg... where is my fairy god mother! someone needs to clean this place up!!
have fun!

Rachel S said...

I thought about doing some Spring Cleaning, but my excuse is it's just too nice a day for that, LOL. Enjoy your weather.

Mary said...

Did a bit of spring cleaning yesterday in the garage of all places! Pulled a few weeds in the front beds. It felt good to be out of the house for a bit!

Congrats for getting your cleaning out of the way! Now you'll have time to do nothing but stitch!!