Saturday, February 26, 2011

DUH !!!!

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

I am thinking I am pretty dumb... Why? I have a dead battery in my camera again. I know.... I only bought one 3 weeks ago. It is not like I take 50 million pictures a day. My Kodak Z710, I thought used a CV-3 battery.. Which has been costing about 10.00 to 12.00 a pop... Well.. I pulled out my instruction book that came with it.. Guess what? It will also use 2 AA batteries ! Now, who is the dummy here? ME !!! lol I feel like slapping my head and saying DUH !!! I knew that CV-3 battery looked like 2 AA batteries put into a cute little molded plastic ma-gig... I was paying extra for the plastic holder... DUH ! Just now discovered this... I have torn my house apart looking for NEW AA batteries.. None in sight. I have used them all in the grand children's toys, bubble makers, and games... I might need to do a late Walmart run... NOT... I will wait until tomorrow..

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments about my stitching. I was thinking about stitching the sister's Frances' Finds.. I am calling them Frances' Finds. They do have the lace, buttons and pins from her sewing basket. The sisters have a brother to0. I have not forgot about Uncle Phillip. I just don't know how he would feel about something I make with things that were his mother.. I mean, would he like something that he could hang or sit around that was made from his mother's things?
I guess, I need to ask The Sisters about if he would like something. I don't want to not include him.

I am feeling a lot better. Just Sinus....My needle has been flying on the cross stitch piece for Brenda. It is so cute ! I got my new March/Apr issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine the other day. I keep picking it up and looking at it. It is a good issue. Of course... I do love Spring, Easter, Fall & Halloween. Thanks for all the comments. I so enjoy reading them.
Well, I will close tonight. Till Later......


StitchinSweetSue said...

Hey Mechelle, do yourself a huge favor, purchase lithium batteries, you'll love yourself for it:)

Mary said...

Glad you are feeling better!

We use rechargable AA batteries in all of our cameras and have had good luck with them. They hold a charge for quite a while.