Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm For Alabama !!!

I am sitting here listening to the sleet. I have been out gathering food for 2 days.. Our stores all ran out of bread, milk, chips and cookies!! I finally had to go back out this morning to get the junk food items.. Can you believe I had a hard time finding Pop Tarts !!! Yes... Pop Tarts. I had to get a gallon of milk at Walgreens, but hey.. It was cheaper there, then at Wal-Mart. I am going to start shopping around for cheaper prices. Walgreens even had my Honey Nut Cheerios for 1.99. Same size box at Wal-mart is 2.97. I guess it pays to shop around and save. Never thought about till I couldn't get all my items from Wal-Mart. I don't eat the meat from Wal-mart. A co-worker had a boyfriend that work in the meat dept. She told me the Beef comes from overseas. They get it frozen and process it into THEIR packages. NO Beef From The Wal-Mart for me.. Anyway back to the storm...

Weathermen are calling for Snow and then ice... WE had a bad Ice Storm back in 1982. January 12th. We were without power for 4 to 5 days.. I hope that will not happen again. To all my northern friends, it is headed toward ya'll !! Take cover and batten the hatches.

Hopefully I will get some stitching in on BBD Snow Garden. I can't stitch out in the sun room. It is too Cold with all those windows and no sun... lol I am calling it the Cold Room. My stitching is ready for me to pick it up.. My TV Tray is equipped with drink, remote, chap stick, laptop and stitching. I am ready!!

We are also ready if the power goes out. Generator is sitting with a full tank of gas and at least four 5-gallon jugs of gas. Checked on the grand babies, they are excited about snow. They are across the street from us, so we are close by with another generator and gas for them. Hubby has it in the back of the truck so he will be able to back up to back of their house and they will have heat too. Rebel is laying in front of our heater. She has her little sweater only. She is not wanting to go outside to use the potty.... I have put out the Pee Pads for her in our bathroom.. Hubby said he don't blame her for not wanting to go out to do her business.. He tried to get her to go outside and she looked at him like he was crazy!! He was standing outside in the sleet and she was just looking outside at him saying.... which one of us is the dummy? lol

Maybe I will have pictures of the snow or ice tomorrow.. Till Later....


re'New said...

We are getting snow again tonite. I just got myself blown out yesterday. I'm tired of winter and snow!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you are prepared, April. I do not like ice storms. I am hoping it won't be too bad here in South Carolina.
We went 2 days early to stock up, but I bet all the stores are stripped now. People just go into a panic.
It is not doing anything here yet, the sun shone all day.
But it is cold.

Glenna said...

Noooooo! Don't send to us! I don't have any Cheese Doodles in the house (my perfect snow food). Maybe if you DIDN'T stitch on Snow Garden, it would stay away. Best of luck--I hate losing power more than anything, so it's good you have generators.

Catherine said...

Sounds like you have everything covered. Stay warm and safe!

Mary said...

Wow, snow in 'bama' is a little out of the ordinary but it sounds like you are ready with all the necessities close at hand!

We got a light dusting here in Tulsa last night and it is spitting sleet/snow now. But, I'm stocked up as well. It's crazy how the shelves empty out with the first mention of the white stuff!

Stay warm and get lots of stitching done!

Melanie said...

Ugh. I hope we don't get hit too hard here in CT with this. My hubby is a truck driver and this weather makes for exhausting 14-15 hour days for him. :(
Stay safe! And warm!!

I'd heard the same from Walmart re: ground beef. I pretty much just buy it now from one place that I know grinds it fresh themselves every day. (And the price isn't too bad: $2.89 for 90% lean. That's a good price for this area.)