Friday, January 6, 2017

Brrrrrrr In Alabama!

Sitting here stitching and waiting to see what the weather brings to us in central Alabama.  I have been stitching on two projects.
This is the day by Tracy Riffle. It was in a Just CrossStitch magazine.  I started it a couple of years ago. I put it aside to Stitch other things.  I decided this year would be the year that I finished projects that I had put down or in my case, in the drawer that is neglected.  
Go ahead and get on to me for this new start. I did start a new Stitch. Brenda's January Word Play. I gave 6 finished, but I just had to get January done. Cute snowman.
I just sent a model project back to Brenda and waiting on another one to Stitch.  I love stitching her designs. I'm on my tablet so I will try to attach pictures.   Here we go...  
I guess I will have to try another way.   Using blogger to blog this post. I guess I need to read up more on it. 
I will post a couple of pictures tomorrow.  Until later....

Update:.   I figured out how to post the photos!   😂😂


Linda said...

Nice progress and cute start April.


Jackie said...

Very cute April! I've not seen This is the Day before but it's adorable. The border in particular looks amazing on the linen you chose!