Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This would be my drawer full of ribbons and trims! It is a mess! I have been cutting out and matching my stitching with fabric. I have an assembly line going.  
Step one. Measure the things to be stitched by machine, then trim them and their mates (backs). A lot of pin cushions...
Step two. Add iron on interfacing only on the pin cushions.
Step Three. Press all and find the trims and ribbons for each. NOW, that the problem. See that drawer? That is what I have been digging through today. OH ME!.. 
No to mention, the paddle I'm painting looks like Crap! I'm going to have to sand it for the 3rd time. The paint keeps cracking... I don't want a paddle with an 1980's crackle texture!! lol I think it's to humid and hot outside for paint.. 
On to more fun things.. Paint will wait to tomorrow.
I did a little fabric shopping these past 2 weeks. Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Walmart really surprised me with there fabrics. A lot of  Primitive gingham fabrics. I'll just let the pictures talk:
 These were Hancock and Hobby Lobby fabrics. 
 The prints in the middle were from Hancock Fabrics, along with the dot one. The 2 on each end were from Wal Mart. 
These were all Walmart. I love all the black and beige ticking, and gingham. So I have lots to work with. I started assembling all my stitching to start sewing tomorrow.. Guess What? I always have a Guess What!  I wanted Eyelash trim for a special pillow. I dug all through my drawer. I had, purple, green and orange, I know Halloween colors!  lol  No black. I did see a piece way in the back under some other trim! Yipee!! NOPE.. Look!

I see another visit in my Crystal Ball!  lol Go ahead and laugh. It was not in the Cards for me to start sewing tonight!  Get it!! Crystal Ball and Cards.. I'm ready for Fall and Halloween!
I have stitching on a new design from Tammy Black. Scattered Seed Samplers.
 Tammy has her patterns for sell on her Etsy. Please check them out. Beautiful! She just released a new one with Rabbits.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/scatteredseedsampler?ref=l2-shopheader-name
This is my progress so far. I love the linen I'm stitching with. It was hand dyed by Dixie Sampler. Now to just get back to stitching on this one... 
Thank you for all the kind comments on BK.. Still no sign of her. 
I'm also feeling better. New allergy meds. No grass cutting or yard work. My yard looks like Crap, but I'm not sick!! LOL
I just think my yard looks like this:
(Not my yard)
In my yard the grass is brown and crunches and the leaves are falling off the trees. Is Fall here early? No, it is called Drought.  No rain in about 2 months..  So, no need to cut the grass.  
Take care, and if you are getting any rain... send some my way.
Till Later...


Linda said...

Lovely stitching, stash and yard April.


Catherine said...

Still chuckling about the tailless raccoon! Love all of your fabrics and stitches!!

Patti said...

Great fabric purchases! Love your trim drawer :)
I am so jealous of your great stitching on the Scattered Seeds Sampler! So far I have just been happy to hold and look at the pattern. Have to finish a few things before I can start it... *sigh* I'm not a very patient person lol.
Blessings, Patti

cucki said...

Wow all your stash is super sweet..and beautiful stitching too..
We waiting for rain here as well :)
Hugs x