Saturday, July 5, 2014

DANG !!!!!

Sorry that it has been over a month since I have posted anything... Dang!  Where did that month go?
We helped my daughter and family move and then we had a Beach Trip. I will post pictures of that this week... I promise.
DH finished the bathroom re-do, so I have been trying to get all the rooms back in order. Will post bathroom pictures also. It goes along with trailer renovation...
I will also post some cross stitch and what I have been crafting pictures.. All I can say is get ready for a huge picture post this week. 
Till then... Have a great July 4th Weekend!


vivian said...

Ok then... waiting for the picture post! Have a nice weekend.

Kaisievic said...

ooh, I know how that feels - so easy for the days, weeks and months to slip by.

cucki said...

Big hugs x

TinaTx said...

Sounds like you have busy too. I haven't made many posts lately either I've missed reading them too. :(
I always think next week will be slower but next week never gets here, it just skips on by.