Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Hello Friends and Family!!  I have not been blogging lately. I did finish my model stitching for Brenda. I will not be able to show a picture till she releases it. I loved the colors, as always! 
My shoulder is still hurting. and now... the Stink Shrub (Sweet Shrub) has came out in full force! I walk outside and get a headache instantly. I have been house bound and I'm an outside person!
 These are some Knock Out Roses that hubby saved from a school. He tries to save plants that they have to dig up to renovate the buildings. I guess you could call it re-greening. 

 Some are not coming back out. When he brought them home they were over 6 feet high and big bushes. He brought them home in a dump truck. The landscape guy told us we could cut them back half way, really water a lot and hope they come back. Well... Some did and some didn't make it.

 This is a picture of all the new that is coming out on the ones I thought were goners. I guess they are slow because some are blooming. I will leave them as they are, till fall and see who is still with us and who didn't make it.

That is the dump truck in the background they came to their new home in. They were as tall as the sides. My little rose garden needs some help. That rose bush in the front runs all over the ground if I let it.. I try to keep is bushy. It was here before we were. I need to get my Rose feed out and read it. I'm not a rose person, hubby is.  I try to plant things he likes too.
My timber post you can see some of, in the front of the picture. I hang 2 hanging baskets on it and then I put pots in the pot holders.
I'm a little behind this year.
Hope to blog again in a couple of days. Till Later.....


Kaisievic said...

Pretty garden.

vivian said...

starting to warm up here a little which makes me much more likely to go out to play in the dirt! not my favorite thing to do! lol!
have a great day,

cucki said...

So beautiful x