Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sorry I have not posted lately. I have been stitching away on a Model design. I can't show anything yet... but, I'm stitching so much, I think I have tendentious in my shoulder. OUCH! 
I have taken some anti-inflammatory to help with it.
Years ago it got so bad I had to have a shot in my shoulder. That hurt worse than the shoulder pain! Don't want to do that again, Ever!
I may have to get out my Stitching Stand and try 2 handed stitching again. It is just awkward for me to stitch that way. Plus, I can't curl up with my feet under me in the recliner using the stand.
If anyone reading this uses a Floor Stand, do you have to sit in a straight back chair? Just wondering how to stitch comfortable..
Any help appreciated.  Thanks!
Till later this week I promise!


Mouse said...

ouchie re the shoulder hope it goes real quick ....
I use a floor stand occasionally and although I do sit in a straightish chair I have used it with a comfy one with cushions in my back to help get the position right :) can stitch for hours then :) love mouse xxxxx

Justine said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. I always stitch in hand curled up on the sofa so can't offer any advice. Will be interested to see how others stitch.

Chris said...

I hope the shoulder pain clears up soon!!

cucki said...

Happy stitching dear x

TinaTx said...

Sorry about your shoulder. I usually stitch curled up in my chair - I just have to swap sides when my butt goes to sleep.
Feel better soon.

Annette-California said...

Sending you healing wishes for your shoulder! Sorry to say I don't have a floor stand frame.
love Annette