Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today I'm sewing Zoe's Auburn outfit together. Games start this weekend! Just like me to wait to the last minute. If I make her this, I have to go out to the Auburn Store and get Joshua an Auburn T-shirt. I don't want him to feel left out. I can't make my almost 6 year old grandson anything.
I have everything where I need it. Drink, check... Cell phone, check...  Fan going, check... Radio on, check.... Now time for some bobbin winding. I like to wind all the threads I will be using. I hate to stop sewing to have to wind a bobbin...
The drilling part of the title was done yesterday. Two hours in the dentist chair. I thought I only had 1 cavity. Nope, not me.. I had one on a wisdom tooth that was way in the back. That wisdom tooth had room and he wants to keep it to hook a parcel to. The other two little ones were on the upper molars on the opposite side. Great right! Both sides numb. Not just numb... I came home to look in the mirror to see if I had lips like Angelina Jolie!  They sure felt fat and puffy. No such look!!  lol
I had to take some Tylenol. That jaw with the wisdom tooth was hurting bad..  I decided to lay down.. Tylenol does that to me. I got to thinking.. Numb face and fat lipped... Is this what it feels like to have plastic surgery on your face?  When they inject that stuff in your lips, does it feel this fat?  No wonder The Housewives of TV speak with their mouths wide open... They may bite and blow a lip!
I feel asleep at that point. I didn't want to waste a good nap on The Housewives... I will try to keep and maintain what the Good Lord gave me.. Thin lips and all.  lol
Till later... back to sewing!


pam said...

You are a nut! Keep on sewing that nice orange and blue for those babies!

Kaisievic said...

You make me laugh! Great post.

Barb said...

A funny post! We loved the way you all take football very seriously in Alabama!! Of course, my DH is a huge Seahawk fan.!

Catherine said...

Funny post! I hope the numbness has gone and your lips a back to where the good Lord intended them t be!