Monday, January 28, 2013


 Mobile Home Makeover is finished!!  I had my head in that oven for quite a while yesterday.. DH said to bad it was electric!  He was tired of me by yesterday.... When you are thrown together in a space for 3 weeks and all you do is work your butt off. I get a little pushy and mouthy... not to mention at a point yesterday, he looked at me and I started crying.. I do that when I get tired or in my case exhausted... This is what we have been doing for 3 weeks nonstop:

 Starting with the worst room. Bathroom.  Yes, that is a patch of leopard wall paper folks!  I had a decorating burp moment a couple of years ago.. lol 
 Tons of different wallpapers and paint colors... Yuck!
 DH turned his back on that room... I didn't blame him.. If I could have ran I would have...
 Sorry for blurred picture. This is it Now!  More calm.....
It has wallpaper again. Just thick tile-look wallpaper. I nice bottom color

 Sorry for blurry picture again....
 The next room was Joshua's Auburn bedroom. We took down the fan and put up a light.
 And it is now finished in a color that is Silver Purple.. Zoe likes the color.
So that room is finished and door closed.....

 I didn't have a before picture of Zoe's old room. It was pink with a pink design border.
When Zoe opened the door and seen this room. She said," I don't like BLUE! I want it purple and I want my little bed back!  She still thinks she lives here and is just visiting her new home... lol  She also wants her baby bed back...

I will have part two tomorrow. 

I will leave you with this picture of a very clean refrigerator!  lol
My head was in that also! 
To bad my stove and refrigerator is not this clean.. and I am to tired to even think about cleaning them today!


Linda said...

Your hard work is paying off. It looks great April.


Barb said...

Wow! You guys have been working so hard!

wilma boer said...

That's A LOT or renos! But it all looks good. Pretty soon you'll be able to put up your feet and stitch!

Peggy Lee said...

I think I need a nap after only looking at all you've done!
Masterchief and I work together and travel for work, staying in a hotel for weeks at a time. We get testy with each other too but we know it will happen and we always laugh about it later.
Hope you're laughing (hubby too).

Deanna said...

It is amazing what you can do with a little paint and a lot of elbow grease. Looking good!