Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Well, I had pictures to show... But, Blogger doesn't have a button any more to upload pictures.  What is going on?   Is anyone else having problems.. Mine has been like this since Monday!

I will be waiting to upload...  Till then.....


Glenna said...

I've heard that some folks have had to upgrade to Chrome (Google Chrome) in order to upload. Maybe that will help?

Lynn D said...

I just tried it on mine and it worked fine. Wish I could help.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Oh yes. Another blogger solved the problem. On the upper left you will see two tabs(compose & HTML.)
Click on HTML and the link the picture. Then click compose and the pictures are on your post.
Hope this helps.

Denise said...

Yep had that problem also the other day. the way you solve it is to download the pictures to Picasa and then you can down load them to your blog. Pain in the butt, right.
Hope you can get it figured out!
Happy Stitching

Judy Greene said...

You are so talented and have too much fun!!!