Friday, December 21, 2012

Gifts !

Just wanted to thank everyone for the get better wishes.  I think sometimes the treatment is worse than the problem. I am better today, not much... Had someone tells me the stomach flu was going around!  I am thinking I might have that.. surely side effects can not be this bad.
On to Great News!!  I received some mail this week! It just maked my day.  I didn't have any pictures before I opened them.. Why?  I just like to unwrap in a hurry!!  lol
This is my goodies from great stitching friends,
 My go shopping for cross stitch buddy, Pam. I love the JOY ornament it is on my tree!  She had everything wrapped so beautiful!  and I just forgot to get a picture in my excitement!!  lol
Those are beautiful scissors!  I will treasure them always!  That little tree with the buttons on the spool... Well, it is already beside my stitching chair! The card fit Pam, she is a dog lover.. That card is to cute!!!  Made me smile so big like the card!  lol
Next up is from my Stitching Friend Bonnie!  She makes these ornaments by taking pictures of her work and then mounting them. They are so cute!!!  Of course, they are already on the stitching tree too!  I just love her card to!  I love snow and snowman... and this from a gal that lives in the south! I hope for some big snow this winter!!
Thank you Pam and Bonnie! You have made me feel a lot better.
Now to rest some.. I did some light picking up and laundry and so far it has made me tired..


Denise said...

Your gifts are wonderful! SO glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself. What a ucky way to loose weight.

stitcheranon said...

There are thousands going down with the winter vomiting virus: I wonder if you might have that....well, whatever it is, I hope it leaves you soon! Lovely gifts: very nice.

Myra said...

I do hope you feel better soon April. No fun being sick this time of year. Lovely gifts your received - stitching friends are just the best.

Catherine said...

Hope you are feeling better! What sweet gifts!!

pam said...

So glad you are feeling better. I was worried after reading an earlier posting. I bought 3 of the button trees. Teresa, you and me! I just loved it so I went overboard!

Lynn said...

You received some really lovely gifts there!
I hope that you were well enough to enjoy a Merry Christmas. So many of my friends and family have been ill this month including my hubby who is down and out with a miserable cold.
Take care!