Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Look what came in the mail today!!!   From Terri!!
 The suspense is killing me !!!  I have Josh with me today, his sister Zoe had a doctor's appointment. So, you can imagine he was all about the package!!  lol
 Terri is so wonderful!!!  Look at all the great goodies!!!  She is so sweet to send things for the 2 grands... Josh already grab up the Frankenstein magnet board. Frank has a beard and hat as I type this.
 Terri made this beautiful pin keep. She said it was a freebie from Teresa Murgida of crocettandofralepesti.blogspot.com. I will have to check her site out!  It is so cute!!  I love it Terri!!! I love the Sewing Box!!! It will be beside me as I stitch!! 
 Look at all the goodies inside the box!  It is like Christmas!!   I love the Halloween Fabrics. The scissors are so cute! With all the sewing goodies and eating goodies, I will not need anything more through Halloween!
I can't believe the charts!! and guess what? I did not have any of these charts!!!  Thank you thank you Terri!!

The linen is a Dixie Samplar original hand-dyed. The name is Butterscotch. It is Beautiful!  The picture does not do it justice.
The kids are both together now. They are on a sugar high and playing with all their goodies! Thank you for thinking about them Terri!  They are having a fun time.
I keep going back and holding my box and pin keep. They are so pretty!  I thank you, Terri, I have really enjoyed this Halloween Exchange!

I wanted to apologize to Denise about The SAL. As you guess... I did not post a picture yesterday. I fell asleep around 5:30 pm and did not wake up till this morning..  I had not even picked it up to stitch on it this week.  I have been so busy will all this moving around. I am almost finished in the craft room. Is a little bit of how it is coming along.

I found out not everything will fit in this room. I will need to leave my craft book and magazines in the other room. I have a shelf in the closet that they will need to stay there.. I will also have to leave the Sizzix and all it's dies in the closet too.
Having to close for now.. Grands are climbing on me and wanting my attention.. Till Later....


Parsley said...

Oh I'm so glad she spoiled you. She's so sweet and so are you.

Catherine said...

What a fabulous box of goodies!! I can tell you are just over the moon!

Denise said...

Man that haul was impressive! Your new craft room looks great - so sorry to hear not everything will fit. :(

No worries about the SAL. This week seems to be a wash for me. It'll get done when it happens.

dixiesamplar said...

So glad you are enjoying your Halloween goodies. Josh & Zoe couldn't be left out of the fun...us grandmas have to stick together :o)

Love the progress on the craft room too...looking good!

pam said...

That was a wonderful treasure box for you. I know you will enjoy

stitcheranon said...

Wow, beautiful. We don't really do Halloween in Ireland and it is a shame..I dont get to make halloween ornies!

Michelle May said...

Score!!! woo hoo!

Patty C. said...

Great gift from Terri - congrats!