Friday, March 25, 2011

Where did this week go ?

That is the main question !!! I have no idea. Besides having terrible sinus this week. I can't think of anything I have done.. I did finish a stitched piece. I will get a picture up as soon as the person receives it. I did.. I guess you can say Spring Cleaning this week. Curtains, cleaned closet, did floors and I almost forgot... Built a front porch. 12 X 24 ft. I have bent and stooped so much... Once I sat down, I can't get back up. Does this mean I need to exercise more? We just need to get the roof on and the railing.. We looked at Home Depot for the Black metal bars to put like spindles on the railing. They want $29.00 for 5 pieces that were 30 inches long. Hubby went to his metal supplier and bought a whole bunch on 20 feet long pieces for $ 6.00 for each 20 foot piece. So we are saving a lot of money. He will have to cut them in 30 inch pieces and paint them black, but hey, he has all the equipment to do it. Now... if I am still able to bend, I might can help... lol

Grand kids came over and stayed with me today. We had a great time outside! We played outside for about a hour and then Josh starts sneezing.. He has bad allergies. So, inside we came, had snacks and watched Bubble Guppies.. Josh did not want his picture taken... So here is Zoe swinging ! As she was swinging , she was singing!!

Film is not long..

Poppa and I will her her again tomorrow. Josh and his mom are going to Lowe's for craft time with friends and then out to eat. They are taking his friends Lance & Aidan with their mom to catch a plane back to Arizona.

I will leave you with this picture.. What she must be thinking??? or Singing?? bye

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Littlebit said...

The little film clip is darling, April!! What a cutie she is.