Monday, March 28, 2011

Mail Today, Cross Stitch & Listening Pleasure

Guess what I got in the mail today?? Yep.. I skin cover for my Kindle 3. I had the Kindle. I ordered the skin from I will be ordering one for my notebook too. Yes MOM !!!.. I did get a kindle. Got tired of holding those books open and reading at night. I would usually fall asleep and lose my place. I had a Nook first. I ended up taking it back. The Kindle will read to me. Is that being lazy or what!! My thinking is, that I will let it read to me while I am stitching. 2 birds.. 1 stone. Don't it look cute? That skin is called Betty. It also covers the back accept for where the speakers are.

I got this in the mail last week from Brenda.. Bunny Tales!!! Chart pack has 3 different charts and patterns for these designs. I love the 2 pin keeps!! I want to do them so bad.. Right Now!.. But... I have pulled out the over 18 year old Heirloom Afghan.. Yes Mother, It is out of it's tub. I am working on it ! If you don't remember my story on this.. It is for my mom's best friend. I started it over 18 years ago for her first Grandchild...Now 3 grandchildren later, (all girls) I am trying to finish it before that 1st child graduates high school... ummm This May... Hope I get it done. I have to stay focused!

I did go to the library today. I checked out the epic set of The North & The South with Patrick Swayze and a whole lot of other popular stars in that day. The 80's.!! I have seen it before, but I can follow it just listening as I stitch. I also checked out Books on CD. Janet Evanovich - Between The Plums.. I love Janet's books. I have read all the numbers.. Waiting on # 17 for my Kindle. I have ordered. I also read all of Charlaine Harris ( Sookie ) books.. I am waiting on that new one also. I got a new to me, author today, Nevada Barr. It is called 13 1/2. Kind of a psychological suspense book, set in New Orleans. Has anyone read this one? I am going to listen to the CDs.

Well not much else is happening... We are going back on our eating healthy again lifestyle today.. it is becoming a joke... We start each Monday, by Tuesday, lets say.. it is blown! We are having salad and a casserole for tonight. No Bread... Just shot me NOW!! No eating out! That is going to do me in... lol

If ya'll hear a rumbling noise !!! It is my stomach !!! Till later......


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love the new skin for your Kindle and it sounds like you've got a lot of great reading lined up! I pretty much love everything Brenda designs - can't wait to see what you do. Good luck with the quilt - certainly better late than never!

vivian said...

love those cross stitch patterns, the pinkeeps! so adorable. I dont do cross stitch.. but wishing I did.. those are cute!!

Myra said...

Cool skin for your Kindle. I really want to give one of those a try. Love the pattern Brenda sent you - those pinkeeps are really cute.

Siobhan said...

Neat skin for your Kindle! I am jonesing for a Kindle but always order more stash with any spare cash! LOL I read Nevada Barr's books years ago, I need to pick up her latest. It sounds good. I'll have to see if the net library has it so I can listen to it on audio. I can't wait for the latest Sookie book! I have kind of given up on the Stephanie Plum books. I read them all but would never buy them now, just get them from the library. I remember laughing uncontrollably over the first few books. Have you read Room by Irish author Emma O'Donoghue? It's good. I didn't know if I'd like it or not but I enjoyed it.

Nice XS stash!

Rachel S said...

Love the Kindle and the skin! Cool!

North and South is my favorite miniseries of all time. We visited the house they used for Mont Royal on our honeymoon (also used for The Notebook) and it was so cool to see the things we saw back then. I was telling DH, "this is the fence from the beginning where the two little girls run along during the credits. This was the part they used for the garden." I am a total fan! Enjoy!

Littlebit said...

Will have to check those books out..I'm a Nook freak and have literally dozens of books waiting my attention. Can't be far away from a book no matter where I am. :)