Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 Missing - one green suet feeder. Last seen- when it had a brand new Berry Suet put in it. I seen Mr. Squirrel checking it out. Now I think he was just seeing how to get it unhooked and back to his hiding spot. I have yet to find it or the suspect, Mr. Squirrel!  lol
Adding a new suet feeder to list to buy..... I think I may get the peanut suet next.. The berry was just to tempting for Mr. Squirrel!

Just a couple of spring flowers blooming around the yard. These were along the drive coming to the homestead. This was the last lonely one to bloom, all the other have bloomed and died. Poor lonely flower. I'm surprised Zoe didn't find it to pick when they were at the house the other day.

I don't know how the Lily of the Valley has survived.. This rose bed has been tilled up and turned over and this plant keeps coming up year after year..

Just a little post to let y'all know I'm still here.  Been stitching on Snooty Parrot Sampler and some little Easter stitching.  I have yet to do anything with my peat pots yet. 

Oh, I have got to share this.. I broke my good seeing eye glasses. I don't have a back up spare pair, but that won't happen again.. Anyway, I dropped them in the driveway and then somehow, we found them smashed to pieces. So... I happened to remember I had a pair from about 8 years ago. I thought better to wear them until I get my new ones..
Well, I have found the show The Tudors on Netflix. So many men with no shirts on and I can't even see it, because I need stronger lens! lol
Everything is still fuzzy. lol  That is not a good thing!!!  Oh well, it still has a great story line!

Till later... off to (try to see) The Tudors!


cucki said...

Aww naughty miss squirrel ..I so much thinking where the bird feeder is :)
I hope you get your glasses soon..
Sending you lots of love x

Chris said...

Funny girl! I hope the new specs show up soon so that you can see those men on the Tudors :)

vivian said...

how funny.. well, at least youve made some little furry creature very happy! LOL!
no flowers here yet! its still been cold! supposed to start warming up today.. like into the 40s.. if you call that warm. though after all the sub zero temps this winter.. I suppose 40 is warm!
have a great day

Cissa K said...

I also lost a feeder a couple of years ago and still not found. But I think it was a raccoon because after that I had this raccoon coming to my feeder all the time. Good luck with the feeder and the glasses. I enjoy your blog.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I enjoyed the Tudors, too!

blue star stitcher said...

I bet that squirrel ate till he was stuffed. Pretty flowers along your driveway! And I too have a backup pair of glasses that is about 10 years old that I use whenever I can't find my regular pair.

Rachel S-H said...

Sorry about the feeder! They are crafty.