Thursday, June 20, 2013


 This is how BBD - Casting A Spell is coming along!  Fun stitch and I love the colors. Thanks for the comments on my vacation and stitching. I'm now ready to stitch Fall in this Summer heat!  lol

 This is all the squares I have stitched in the BBD - Anniversaries Of The Heart Project. Four is ok.. I have stopped on it for awhile. I have other things I want to stitch.

I did decorate my 4th of July tree today. I have an ornament to add to it. I stitched it last year and never got around to finishing it. I hope to add it to the tree tomorrow.
I have pulled out an old Sekas chart - Watercolor Ghost today. I had started it and never did finish... I'm slowly getting all the WIPs stitched. 
 This is where I stopped on Watercolor Ghost.. I hope to pick it back up tonight and start stitching. I am thinking of doing a quilt like finish for this one. I have a stand, that I think it will look great on.  I do love sekas watercolor designs. I have Dragonflies finished and I have Lighthouses that I will try and finish before summer is over.
If anyone follows me on Pinterest... They know I am pinning everyday. I am a Pinterest addict! I came across this picture the other day on pinterest. I fell in Love with this idea. The use of an Old Iron Trivet.

The picture was pinned from Ebay. A seller by the name magpiejo. She had this great idea!  The first person I thought of, when I seen this was my talented friend Bonnie!  Bonnie comes up with ideas just like this. I still can't get Bonnie to start a blog.. If you belong to The Samplermakers , you have seen some of Bonnie stitching and punching in the picture section!  Just beautiful work! 
Well, guess where I will be tomorrow?  You are right! Out hunting down metal trivets at the flea markets and shops!  lol 
I also have another idea.. My mom gave me an old wash board. I was going to use it for a pump, #2 wash tub, and board fountain. I changed my mind.. I will use it as a piece for the wall in my laundry room.  I just now have to find the right stitching piece to mount on it... I just have all these ideas in my head!!
I hope everyone had a great week!  The weekend is almost here!!
Till later.....


Mouse said...

oooo well done with the stitching ... I am trying to get all started pieces finished too .. lovely idea with the trivet too :0 love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Your stitching is lovely, the BBD piece is beautiful.
Looks like a great holiday you've been on.
Happy weekend (:

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your patriotic ornaments are great! Your AoTH WIP looks wonderful and so does Halloween!
Love the trivet and punch needle idea! Very clever, indeed! Have a great weekend!

dixiesamplar said...

Great progress on you stitching, April...and I LOVE your Patriotic Tree!!

Now that is an ingenious idea for a finish...and, yes, Bonnie is quite the gifted needlewoman, isn't she! She really does need to start her own blog...I would surely follow her :-)

So glad to see you guys enjoyed your vacation.

Peggy Lee said...

Your stitching is really coming along. You have been busy!

Oh I really like that washboard idea. I need to write that one down.

I am a Pinterest addict too!

MartyG said...

A washboard with needlework. An excellent idea for a laundry room. I liked your stitching too.

Kaisievic said...

Your WIPs look lovely.

Lany said...

Hola querida,

Que ideas geniales, yo también tengo algunas labores esperando que yo las termine pero siempre estoy con algo nuevo...creo que eso pasa con todas nosotras...