Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the new hair do!  I am really enjoying it!  Is was kind of shocked at first.. It is short, but now I love it!  
I have sent the finished cross stitch design off today in the mail to Brenda!! It is so cute!  The name is Witch Hazel !  Please check out the sneek peek on her blog.
I see Lori at Notforgotten Farms has 3 new design: 
Michelle is working at her designing desk:
Chicks are hatching on The Mobile Home Women's blog:
Jayme - The Coop Keeper is losing weight and making changes in her life:
Everyone seems to be so busy and doing all kinds of neat things.
Can't wait to see what turns up on other blogs !!!
Till Later.....

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Michelle May (Shell) said...

Busy is good when it's all fun stuff. And yes, your hairdo is fabulous!
xx, shell